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YEva Technologies, solutions to your projects:
  • Reduce storage space
  • High-speed access and secure your archives
  • Scanning Documents
  • Research and consultation of archived data
YEva Technologies offers its scanning services to public and private sectors - pharmaceutical, manufacturing, health, telecommunications, education, aerospace and finance.
You will find hereafter our scanning solutions for specific business markets.
Scanning of patient records
YEva Technologies offers patient record scanning services to Health Organisations in Canada and USA. Our services include document purging and preparation, creation of barcodes, scanning and indexing of documents and quality control of the resulting electronic images. We scan either in black & white or in colour or a combination of both, depending on the quality of the original documents. The electronic images are then sent to the Hospital's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system allowing doctors, nurses, medical archivists and other health professionals to organise, view or annotate them on the screen.
Archives & Museums
YEva Technologies offers a solution to Museums, National Archives and Libraries that need to scan large format Maps, Drawings, Works of Art or other historical and Special Collection Documents. Often time, these documents are rare, old, and fragile and must be handled with care.
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